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The Strategic Partnership for Animal Science Excellence (SPASE) is one of two strategic partnerships funded by the Scottish Government's Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS). The Partnership is designed to bring together key researchers in Scotland in order to enhance the country’s world-leading position in animal science and benefit the Scottish livestock sector. The Partnership supports the animal health and livestock industries by conducting research in areas that reflect the strengths of the Scottish Government's Main Research Providers in Scotland. These research areas are focussed on industry priorities including animal health, disease control and livestock productivity.  More specifically, the Partnership aims to...

...understand how genetic variation in animals and pathogens affects disease and how this knowledge can by used to design new vaccines and improve disease control

...determine if and how methane emissions from livestock might be regulated by feeding and breeding

...learn about the effects of early environment on the productivity and welfare of Scottish livestock and how this knowledge can be used to improve performance

...develop tools for designing control strategies for pathogens that can be transmitted from farm animals to humans

NEWS: The SPASE team from SRUC was awarded a studentship from Biosciences KTN, on gut health: Biosciences KTN studentship: 'Impact of genetics and growth promoters on avian intestinal microbiota and health'. Athanasiadou, Sparks, Kaiser, Stevens, Bailey