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Background to SPASE

In April 2011, the Scottish Government commissioned two Strategic Partnerships as part of the Rural Affairs and Environment portfolio. These Partnerships are designed to support the Government Economic Strategy through research that could contribute to industry in areas of high growth potential.  Two Partnerships, one in Food and Drink Science and one in Animal Science Excellence (SPASE), were established with initial funding for a five-year period.

The SPASE Partnership aims to deliver a number of objectives:

  • To improve the exploitation of research and contribute to innovation and economic growth, particularly in areas of high growth potential such as agriculture, the livestock sector and food and drink

  • To strengthen the resilience of the scientific supply base through building links to the University sector

  • To build on research pooling initiatives taken forward under Science for Scotland (2008) by working with the Scottish Funding Council and Universities to promote collaboration and interdisciplinary working



The invitations to tender specified in more detail how these objectives should be delivered, including:

  • Establishing a Main Research Provider hub with University collaborations to link to future pooling initiatives

  • Making links to industry through delivery of international quality, science-driven research

  • Adding value through collaboration between Universities and Main Research Providers

  • Adding value to the RESAS strategic research programmes

The anticipated outcome of the SPASE Partnership is an enhancement of Scotland's world leading position in animal science. This will in turn enable the animal science community to leverage additional funds from outside the Scottish public sector.